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  1. All PC activity, including Internet usage, programs run, emails typed and files saved/copied is monitored and logged on the system under your username. Please use the network responsibly.
  2. Failure to comply with any aspect of this code will result in suspension of your account and a letter detailing the reasons will be sent to your home. Further abuse will result in detention or more serious punishment.


  1. Always behave sensibly, respecting other members of the School when using ICT systems
  2. Be polite at all times, both to those around you and those you contact through the network.
  3. Do not write anything in an email you wouldn’t wish the headmaster to read.

Logging ON and OFF

  1. Only log in using your own username and keep your password secret.
  2. Students should only log off, never shut down or switch off a computer.

Rules of Internet Conduct

  1. It is an offence to access any material on the Internet that may be considered inappropriate. If in doubt, ask a member of Staff.
  2. Report to a member of Staff immediately if you have accessed any offensive material by mistake.
  3. Students may not attempt to circumvent the Internet filtering in any way, either through the use of anonymous proxy sites, disabling monitoring software or other methods.
  4. Students may not download any material from the Internet (unless authorised by a member of staff).
  5. Never enter any personal details (either yours or other peoples) into an Internet site
  6. Never enter the Schools details unless specifically instructed to do so by a member of Staff


  1. As a School we are committed to reducing paper wastage to a minimum, therefore:
    1. Printers are for School work only
    2. Preview all work before printing
    3. Only click the print button ONCE. If the document fails to print, inform a member of Staff immediately, do NOT press ‘print’ again.
    4. For ANY printouts over 20 pages please see a member of Staff first


  1. Do not tamper with the computers in any way
  2. No food or drink is to be consumed in the IT Suites
  3. Do not remove or deface any of the identity stickers on the PC’s
  4. If you find a PC that is not working contact a member of Staff immediately


  1. Do not attempt to delete any files other than your own work
  2. Do not copy any files onto the C: drive of a PC or onto an area of the network other than your H: drive unless a member of Staff has instructed you to do so.
  3. Do not attempt to install any new software. This must be done by a member of IT Support
  4. Do not log onto a workstation marked ‘Staff Only’


  1. Do not attempt to break into, modify or damage the school’s network. No hacking of any kind is acceptable, whatever the intention. All activity on the network is tracked and can be traced. Any requests for modifications to the schools network architecture must be made in writing to the network manager; students MUST NOT attempt to modify the school’s network themselves.

External Devices

  1. USB or Memory Card Storage devices may only be connected to School PC’s if they contain work related items
  2. Anyone caught copying games, illegal audio/video files or programs from their device will have it confiscated and the files deleted.

Mobile Devices

  1. Students are permitted to bring in their own laptops, Ipads or other mobile devices, and may connect them to the school network. To do this, they should connect to the 'BYOD' WiFi network, and log in with their network username and password.
  2. For assistance with this, visit the IT Office where a member of staff will be able to offer guidance to help students configure their devices. Any misuse of the school network from your own device will result in your device being permanently excluded from the school network.


  1. Games, externally hosted emails of any kind or social networking sites may not be accessed or used on any of the School PC’s. Anyone found playing games will have their Internet access suspended.
  2. Protect your password – do NOT give your password to anyone else.
  3. Always lock your workstation if you need to leave the PC you are working on temporarily. Never leave yourself logged on when you have finished working or at the end of a lesson.
  4. You are responsible for all activity (emails, Internet usage etc) from YOUR account. If you leave your PC logged on and unattended, YOU will be held responsible should anything be sent or accessed from that PC. DO NOT let anyone else log on with your username and password.
  5. If for any reason you are unable to log on or the PC appears to be working incorrectly, contact a member of staff immediately. DO NOT try to fix it yourself.
  6. If you receive a message saying your account has been disabled please visit IT Support immediately.
  7. Bourne Grammar School is governed by The Computer Misuse Act, 1990. Failure to adhere to this act may result in legal action.

Date of next Review

May 2022