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  1. Bourne Grammar School responds to the requirement on state-funded Schools to hold a collective act of daily worship by incorporating a ‘thought for the day’ presentation prepared by the Subject Leader of EPR, within tutor period, on the days when there is no assembly

The Provision of a daily opportunity for collective worship

  1. Each year group has one assembly per fortnight, each of which contributes to the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of the students. Members of the Leadership Team and Heads of Year are responsible for the SMSC content of assemblies and ensure that lists of announcements and routine administration do not dominate the assembly
  2. On days when there is not an assembly, there is ‘Thoughts for the week’ provided by the Subject Leader of EPR. This is led by tutors during tutor time and time is made available for reflection and for students to be able to offer differing perspectives upon the thought in question
  3. Every lunch time a room is provided for private prayer, meditation or reflection


  1. Under the terms of the Education Act 1996 parents have the right to withdraw their children from the daily act of collective worship and should send a short letter to the School expressing their wishes. The School will comply with the wishes of parents who wish to withdraw their pupils from collective worship and will ensure that their duty of care for those pupils who are withdrawn is fulfilled
  2. The Governors acknowledge that teachers may not be obliged to take part in acts of worship, although they can be required to attend the non-religious part of a School assembly
  3. In accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006, Sixth Form students will be permitted to make their own decisions about attendance at religious worship without giving a reason for doing so

Ownership and Date of next review

  1. Policy owned by: Pastoral and Community committee.
  2. Last reviewed and approved on 10 May 2023
  3. Next review due: May 2025

This policy will be subject to review according to any changes in the regulations.