School Accessibility Plan

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  1. The Equality Act 2010 has placed greater duty on schools and colleges to produce robust accessibility plans which cover all kinds of disability (e.g. including visual and hearing). The Equality Act makes it clear that every school must make reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments

  1. An education provider has a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make sure disabled students and staff are not discriminated against. These changes could include:
    1. changes to physical features - for example, creating a ramp so that students can enter a classroom;
    2. providing extra support and aids (such as specialist teachers or equipment).

School Plan

Development Area Targets Strategies Outcome and by when Goals achieved
Curriculum delivery Classrooms are organised for disabled pupils. Guidance from specialists (hearing impaired service, autism service) taken in arranging classrooms for maximum benefit to disabled pupils. Monitoring indicates disability/SEN taken into account in organising the environment for learning Disabled pupils able to access learning environment more effectively.
Curriculum delivery / delivery of materials in other formats Individual statement plans used by classroom staff and understanding of additional time requirements in practical work understood and planned for. Diagrams described /read out loud. Copies of slides and diagrams available to pupils. SEN information available to all staff and further training on implementation and differentiation of curriculum required. Monitoring indicates differentiation in place targeted at disabled/SEN/ other nominated pupils. Disabled pupils able to access curriculum more effectively.
School design for disabled pupils All areas accessible to disabled pupils. Hall access currently under review. Disabled access points will be prioritised as an integral part of rebuild improvement works. Plans drawn up show clearly how disabled access will be undertaken. All new building will be fully DDA compatible. Log any difficulties or on-going issues. Disabled students and staff able to access all physical areas without difficulty.
Signs clear and understandable for visually impaired. Replacement of signs takes account of appropriate colour schemes/size for signs. New signs clear and updated as required.

Date of next review

September 2019