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1 Introduction

We continue to operate under the threat of Covid-19. Whilst I hope that the threat is minimal and that the School can continue to run as well as it is at present, it is possible that there might have to be changes in how we operate at very short notice and circumstances might arise in which we may be required to send home one or more year-groups for a week or more. Should we have to switch to remote learning due to a full or partial closure, we will again use the Microsoft Teams platform and our teachers are currently in the process of receiving further training on the use of Teams. They are already reasonably familiar with it, having used the system for much of the closure period. In a little over a week’s time we will start to deliver Teams training to all students in dedicated sessions. These will be supplemented with guides produced in-house and video tutorials which can serve as an aide-memoire, if needed. As is the case with exercises such as fire evacuation drills, it is hoped that we will never need to use the Teams system in a closure situation but by investing time now, we can help students to feel well prepared so that learning without undue hindrance can continue, should circumstances turn against us.

- Mr Maddox, September 2020

2 Accessing Teams

  • Tip: You can install Teams and log into it on more than one device. Many students install Teams on a smartphone so they get updates as they occur and to view live streamed lessons, but also use the Teams app on a computer for when they're writing up longer pieces of work.
  • Nearly any Internet enabled device can be used to access Microsoft Teams. Using the links below, you can...
    • Install the app onto a laptop or desktop computer,
    • Install the app on an iPhone or iPad,
    • Install the app on an Android phone or tablet, or
    • Log in to Teams on a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari on a computer or mobile device without installing anything.
  • IMPORTANT: Log in using your network username and password. Your username will need to followed by the school's domain name. E.g. User 03js11 should enter [email protected]
  • If prompted, choose ‘Work or school account’ and ‘allow notifications’.

3 Training resources

  • We have produced our own PDF guides and video tutorials to help you get the most from Teams.

3.1 Video tutorials

3.2 PDF tutorials

4 Troubleshooting